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Due to various socio-economic factors, children - mostly baby girls in orphanages and foster care - are legally available for adoption as a result of abandonment and are waiting for loving families. Since our program began in 1995, we have placed hundreds of these babies and children with proud parents across the U.S. and abroad. Due to the relationships that MAPS has built throughout the years and the dedication of our expert bilingual staff in China, the adoption trip and the adoption process within China is well organized and predictable. Unique to China adoption is the fact that adoptive families generally travel as a group, providing the opportunity to form lasting bonds with other families adopting from the same orphanage or region.

China Adoption Information

At A Glance

Parent Requirements: Married couples only; must be married at least two years (or five years if either spouse was previously divorced; no more than two divorces per spouse.) Must be age 30 - 50 at time of dossier submission. Couples 50-55 may adopt a waiting child only. No more than 45 years between child and younger parent when child requested is under one year. Parents 46-49 will be assigned a 1-3 year old. Exceptions to these requirements may be granted when adopting a special needs child over age 6.

No more than four children under age 18 living in the home; youngest must be at least 1 year old unless adopting a waiting child.

Both applicants must be in excellent health mentally and physically, including a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or less.  What is my BMI? (click here for the calculator) All health issues will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis - please consult with MAPS.

At least one spouse must hold a stable occupation; $10K minimum income per family member (including child to be adopted.) Family net worth should be at least $80,000 (assets vs. liabilities.)

Both spouses must have at least a high school degree.

Any criminal history will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please consult with MAPS.

Children: Healthy female infants (10-13 months at time of referral) and toddlers; older children; some children of all ages with minor correctable conditions or special needs.  Healthy male babies/children are available, but time frame may be longer.  Most children were abandoned.
Waiting Time: Child referral is currently at 30+ months from dossier registration by the China Center of Adoption Affairs (longer if requesting a healthy baby boy), with the likelihood that wait times may continue to increase. The CCAA has not provided us with any verbal or written statement regarding future wait times. However, factors that influence wait times include:
  1. The number of dossiers registered at the CCAA for each month.
  2. The number of children who have been approved for international adoption.
  3. The number of staff available to process referrals at that time.
  4. The potential effect of new CCAA regulations issued in May 2007 that may reduce the number of new applicants.
We encourage families uncomfortable with the current unpredictability of the timeline to talk to us about other MAPS programs.
Travel: Both parents preferred but one parent possible. Travel expenses: $3,000-$6,000 + child’s ticket. Trip lasts approx. 2 weeks (up to 3 weeks if child is from Guangdong Province.)

Your MAPS China Adoption Coordinator

Kimberly NuteKimberly Nute, BA, has worked at MAPS for ten years, assisting hundreds of families with the adoption process and accompanying many of them to China to complete their adoption journeys. During her years with MAPS she has also facilitated adoptions from India and Bulgaria.
Phone: (207) 775-4101

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