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Waiting Children

There are many different paths to realizing your adoption dreams. For parents who are considering an older child or a child with special needs, adopting through our Waiting Child program may be the perfect match.

Each of our waiting children has his or her own unique story, circumstances, needs, and challenges. Some are healthy older children, some have minor correctable needs, and some live with significant medical or developmental issues that will require a higher level of intervention, support, or care. Each child is legally free for adoption and waiting for the right family.

We invite you to learn more by visiting each country's waiting children pages below. You will see that to protect each child’s confidentiality and meet country-specific privacy requirements, access to photos and more detailed information about each child may require that you first fill out the on-line request form or email MAPS.

Waiting Children in India

Special Needs of Waiting Children: Information about associated health conditions.





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