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Waiting Children: India

Our waiting children in India are typically in good health with normal development; some have minor and/or correctible special needs. All are available due to abandonment and little or no family history is available. We currently have four children in India who are ready to be adopted:

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Girl, 10 years old

She was found alone by local police and placed in the orphanage. She has been residing there for a little over two years. The orphanage describes her as loving and playful with normal intelligence.

Girl, 10 years old

She is a friendly child who attends the local school and is getting average marks in her studies. She is great with the other children at the orphanage.

Girl, 11 years old

She is a lovely child who is doing very well in school. She wants to become a teacher and is very healthy, normal and developed according to her age. The child study states “She has the helping tendency. She likes dancing very much. She has leadership qualities.”

Girl, 1 1/2 years

She is severely underweight despite being in a very caring orphanage with above average facilities. She has been evaluated thoroughly and thus far there is no medical diagnosis for her small size. She is a beautiful child who needs a family who will be willing to accept potential future medical issues.

girlGirl, 2 years old

She was born to an HIV positive mother but is negative herself (determined through negative test results at 7 months and 18 months). She had a small abscess of unknown origin on her lower spine as an infant. The abscess was drained when she was an infant and she has been cleared of any concern of potential spinabifida. Her medical information indicates an initial diagnosis of “failure to thrive” however, she is growing well now and is charming and interactive according to everyone who meets her. The only remaining concern with this little girl is a mild defect called “mandibular hypoplasia of her lower jaw”. Her jaw is slightly under-formed on the right side of her face and her mouth opens a bit sideways. this condition is something that needs to be monitored over time. It may require surgery in the future. She is describes her as very alert, oriented, curious and responsive. She walks on her own, talks (words like “auntie, yes, no”), has normal intelligence and emotional status. According to the child study “she is actively accepting everyone with a smiling face”.

girlGirl, 1 year. She has sickle cell trait.

Girl, 1 1/2 years. She has sickle cell trait.

For more information about sickle cell trait:

Special Needs of Waiting Children: Information about associated health conditions.

Your MAPS India Adoption Staff

Jenny MillsJenny Mills, LMSW, began working for MAPS in 1994. Jenny coordinates both our India and Nepal programs. Jenny has traveled to India and Nepal with MAPS numerous times. She has also counseled birthmothers in our domestic adoption program, has prior professional experience working in public health and with Portland’s refugee community.
Phone: (207) 775-4101

Jen McKaneJen McKane, BA, began at MAPS in 2001 in the Russia program. Jen states “My terrific brother, Chris, was adopted from India when I was twelve. The adoption took a year longer than expected and was filled with hurdles and roadblocks along the way. The adoption experience affected me profoundly and instilled me with a deep sense of empathy for adoptive families. I always knew I wanted to work helping other wonderful kids find their families."

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