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Ethiopia Adoption

MAPS is partnering with Children's Home Society and Family Services to offer an information session on adopting from Ethiopia. Click here for more information.

MAPS hosts Nepal adoption delegation

Nepal adoptionIn March, and again on May 17, MAPS welcomed members of a Nepalese adoption delegation that was visiting American adoption agencies. The most recent group was here to conduct “monitoring visits”, meeting with agencies and families who have adopted from Nepal and assessing how the children are faring now that they have been adopted. They visited Washington, D.C., Florida, Chicago and finally, Boston. MAPS and Wide Horizons for Children teamed up to share hosting duties over the weekend that the delegtaes were in New England. On May 17th, MAPS hosted a reception for the group at our Boston office with families who have adopted from Nepal. It was a wonderful chance to show with the delegates how well the children are doing with their forever families!

Nepal delegation Pictured left to right are Mr. Radha Krishna Panta, Chief Accountant, Nepal Children’s Organization; Jenny Mills, MAPS’ Nepal/India Program Coordinator; Mr. Nirp Bahadhur Bista, Coordinator of Adoption Sub Committee, Nepal Children’s Organization; Betsy Bewsey, MAPS’ Director of Adoption Programs; Mr. Rajeswor Niraula, Director of Nepal Children’s Organization.

Nepal adoptionNepal adoption

Adoptions from Guatemala suspended until further notice

On December 31, 2008 the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption went into effect in Guatemala, and on April 1st, the Convention took full effect in the U.S. Since Guatemala does not currently have a fully perational and Hague compliant intercountry adoption processing system in place, USCIS will no longer allow U.S. citizens to apply for I-800A or I-800 approvals for this country. In effect, this means that U.S. citizens can no longer apply to adopt from Guatemala. We anticipate that the Department of State will issue a statement in the near future to this effect and encourage you to check the JCICS website for periodic updates on progress made within Guatemala's
intercountry adoption system: www.

We are Hague Accredited

We have received notification from the Council on Accreditation (COA) that we have been granted accreditation under the new Hague regulations. This is important news for MAPS and for our clients because once the US ratifies the Hague treaty, those adopting from other Hague-ratified countries (such as China and India) can only do so through an accredited agency. We are very proud to be in the first group of US agencies to receive this designation.

The goal of the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption is to ensure that the best interests of children are considered with each intercountry adoption and to prevent the abduction, exploitation, sale, or trafficking of children around the world. 68 nations, including China, India, Guatemala, and Peru, have already ratified the treaty, and the US is expected to become a member nation on April 1. Once the US legislation is ratified, all US adoption agencies must be accredited under rigorous guidelines in order to place children from other Hague Convention nations into American families.

In order to receive accreditation, MAPS had to meet stringent requirements regarding licensing and corporate governance, financial and risk management procedures, ethical practices, professional qualifications and quality control policies.

More about Accreditation HERE.

Russia News : We Are Accredited in Russia!

After a long wait during Russia’s reaccreditation process, we are now reaccredited by Russia’s Ministry of Education! With this new accreditation in place, we can begin processing waiting families, have reopened our Russia adoption program to new applicants, and can start placing babies, toddlers, and older children again. The accreditation is non-expiring and ensures that we can continue our work in Russia for years to come.

MAPS families whose paperwork is up to date and already submitted should contact Kate or Jill at (207) 775-4101 to discuss specific time frames. We thank all of you for your patience during this delay and look forward with joy to helping you bring your new child/ren home. We also urge new families to contact us to learn more about adopting through our Russia program.

In 1991, we were the first American agency to begin placing children from Russia with families in the United States. Since then, we have found homes for 1200 Russian children throughout the US and have funded humanitarian aid programs to improve the lives of the children who remain in Russia’s orphanages and foster homes.

Russian Delegation Visits Local Adoption Agency

A group of 10 Russian adoption officials recently attended a reception held by MAPS Adoption and Humanitarian Aid to learn more about the services available to Russian children adopted to the U.S.

Boston, MA -- October 25, 2007 -- MAPS, an agency specializing in full-service adoption, was selected to host a delegation of Russian officials sponsored by the International Leadership Program of the U.S. Department of State. Each member of the delegation is involved in the adoption process of Russian children to the United States. MAPS was honored to host the members of the delegation as they make their way throughout the country learning about the services available to Russian children adopted in the United States.

Stephanie Mitchell, Executive Director of MAPS, states “Hosting a foreign delegation is an excellent opportunity to create understanding and support for international adoption through communication and relationship building. This was a great opportunity for MAPS to facilitate a conversation about international adoption and gain a new perspective.”

The day began with a presentation by Dr. Laurie Miller of the International Adoption Clinic at Tufts Medical Center. Dr. Miller addressed the delegation’s Russia Delegation and MAPSconcerns about issues involving the availability of medical services to adopted children. Dr. Miller informed the delegates of the variety of services offered to adoptive families from pre-adoptive counseling and education to post-adoptive evaluations and monitoring.

The delegation then met with various MAPS staff members in their Boston office. The afternoon included presentations by MAPS staff about their adoption education classes, post placement supervision services, support groups and various other programs offered to adoptive families. Janet Braga, MAPS Board member and adoptive mother of two Russian children, was also on hand for a one-on-one interview with the delegation. Mrs. Braga was able to answer questions about her personal experience as well as engage in a discussion about the allocation of fundraising money to MAPS humanitarian aid projects in Russia.

Russia delegation members meet MAPS familiesThe evening concluded with a reception at a local restaurant where the delegates were joined by several MAPS families who have previously adopted from Russia, as well as several members of the MAPS staff. With children ranging in ages from three years old to 14 years old in attendance, the officials were given the ability to view first-hand the adaptation of these Russian children to the U.S. As many agencies await their re-accreditation in Russia, this was a wonderful opportunity for the officials to learn about the invaluable services offered these families.

For more information about Russian adoptions or any of the adoption programs offered by MAPS please call our office at 617-267-2222.






































































































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